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May I firstly say that I am indebted to each and everyone who was there for me. I thought I had enough to keep me viable even for a rainy day until there was that unexpected and massive change in my income. The feeling of despair and the upset is horrible to say the least and not knowing what to do or who to turn to was the worst., however you were there with the perfect solution which was given to me right away.

The team are the most efficient, professional and helping people I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with and you are all a credit to the company.

I do hope the supervisors use and make use of this comment as this has restored a lot off faith that slowly over the years had been eroded.

You were there for me and have given me hope for the future, when I thought there was none.

Kindest Regards

I hope you are well and can pass this email to your supervisor or manager.

I would like to express how clear and helpful you were in dealing with my financial problem. I would like to also express how at ease you made me feel.

Thank you for being so patient, kind and understanding.

In regards to your help I am now in process of an IVA, your help was outstanding, thank you very much!

Kind Regards