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Depending on your circumstances, there are a number of solutions available to you that can help lower your monthly debt repayments and get out of debt at a rate you can afford.

Once we know a little more about your financial situation, we will be able to tell you about the options available to you. Then if you wish to go ahead, our preferred debt solution providers will be able to take care of all the arrangements for you.

Protected Trust Deed (PTD)

If you live in Scotland and are struggling to keep up with debt repayments, a Protected Trust Deed could be the right solution for you. A Protected Trust Deed is a legally binding agreement and typically lasts for 4 years. During this time you will repay your debts at a rate you can realistically afford to repay after all of your essential outgoings like rent / mortgage, bills, food, travel etc have been taken into account.

Interest and charges will be frozen, lenders are no longer allowed to contact you and any debts included in the Deed that still exist at the end of the PTD term will be written off. This means you could be free from unsecured debts at the end of 48 months.

With a PTD you could:

Lower your monthly debt repayments, freeze interest and charges, stop lenders from contacting you, write off debt you cannot afford to repay, become debt free at the end of 48 months

To find out if you qualify for a PTD simply complete the enquiry form and a friendly member of our team will get back to you.

Please note: this is a legally binding agreement; therefore failure to keep up repayments could result in the Protected Trust Deed failing and lenders petitioning for your Sequestration (Bankruptcy). If you are a homeowner, you may have to release equity from your home in the final year of the Deed to help repay debts. Your credit rating will be affected for 6 years from the start of the Protected Trust Deed.

Our preferred financial solutions partners have years of expereince and will help you to the best of their ability.

Free debt advice is also available from The Money Advice Service an organisation set up by the Government to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt  CLICK HERE for more information.

What fees are charged and why...

Debt repayments will be based on what you can realistically afford to repay. To learn more about the fees involved,  CLICK HERE for more information.